Care Instructions

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most from your furniture:

  • Keep out of reach of direct continued sunlight and away from heat sources such as furnace ducts, radiators and fireplaces
  • Use coasters and trivets with non-scratching bottoms underneath glasses and serving dishes.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects that could scratch the surface directly on the furniture.
  • Avoid the use of nail polish remover, alcohol or other solvents near furniture. 
  • Dust often and carefully with a soft cloth following the grain pattern or remove abrasive dust particles.
  • Periodically clean with a mild, non-alkaline soap and water using a soft sponge or cloth. Dry immediately with soft cloth and buff lightly following wood grains.
  • Avoid polish that contains silicones. Ask your retailer to recommend a polish or wax

With proper care your solid hardwood furniture can provide years of pleasure for your family.


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