Behind The Scenes: Purba Furniture Spotlight

Purba Furniture has been a custom Canadian furniture manufacturer for over 25 years. They pride themselves on delivering handcrafted, custom furniture that is built to last. 

Based in Surrey, BC, they offer the best selection of Canadian solid wood furniture for every room in your home. 

Their furniture is an investment in quality that cannot be replaced by big box stores. Purba Furniture is known for their commitment to quality of furniture, green business practices, and skilled craftsmanship.

Purba Furniture, Locally Made Furniture Since 1987

Purba Custom Furniture is a Canadian furniture company that has been handcrafting furniture since 1987 – and it shows! 

Their designs range from contemporary urban, to traditional clean lines, and mid century modern looks. Top selling designs include traditional styles like their Crofton bedroom collection and rustic styles like the Creston dining collection. 

Shop from a variety of categories and items like solid wood coffee tables, pedestal dining tables, or custom pieces like shelving for your home office.

Plus, they craft furniture in a range of styles and products – just one of the reasons Purba Furniture is a leading local manufacturer.

Solid Wood Furniture with a Commitment to the Environment

People are increasingly looking for ways to switch to green products and look for ways to reduce their impact. Luckily, Purba Furniture is a company that places importance on the environment!

From their wood selection to their manufacturing process, Purba Furniture aims to reduce its environmental impact while providing quality, stylish furniture. 

Building products from locally sourced materials is just one of the ways that Purba Furniture uses to help the environment.

Thanks to their green practices, they can offer more sustainable products to their customers without compromising on design!

Locally Made Wood Furniture

There is a lot more to purchasing furniture than just picking out something you like. That’s because the materials play an important role in how your piece will last over time. 

With Purba Furniture, you can be sure that you’re getting quality with each piece you purchase. They only use durable, locally sourced materials and their frames are made of solid wood.

With a proven track record of excellence, Purba Furniture is the top source for solid wood furniture in Surrey, BC. Being locally sourced ensures each piece is built with quality in mind. 

Experience locally built furniture that not only adds to the look of your home, but will last for years to come.

Quality Craftsmanship

Purba Furniture is a local furniture maker that prides itself in hand-crafting a variety of solid woods. Choose from top tier wood selections like Eastern Maple, Red Oak, and Ambrosia Maple.

The process begins with carefully selected woods local to the area, and ends with exceptional service that leaves lasting impressions.

All raw wood used to make Purba Furniture is kiln dried to reduce moisture content and prevent drying out or cracking. Kiln drying is a safe but effective form of drying that maintains the integrity of the timber. 

Using proven joining techniques, dovetailed drawers and ¾” real wood backings, they guarantee your furniture will be durable and long lasting.  

The final step of completing any piece at Purba Furniture is a complete hand sanding. This step smooths out all rough spots and edges to make for the smoothest surface possible. Staining is done in deep dark colors to achieve unique coloring for each piece. 

After a few hours, the product has dried and is ready to be sealed. 

A clear finish is applied over the stain, bringing out the wood’s natural beauty. This gives the furniture a rich, soft look and ensures the wood is protected. 

These techniques ensure that your custom furniture pieces will look great for decades to come.

Custom Wood Furniture in Coquitlam

Here at Prestige Solid Wood, we are proud to offer Purba Furniture because of their excellent craftsmanship and superior quality. 

As a reputable furniture store in Coquitlam and the Vancouver area, we are confident you will find something you love. 

Browse our selection of locally made furniture items like our modern solid wood desks, dining tables, or coffee tables all made in Canada. 

If you’re looking for solid wood furniture in the Vancouver area, view our selection of superior wood furniture collections.

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