Condo Sized Furniture

So you’ve decided to down-size…Congratulations! Welcome to care free, low maintenance condo living. Goodbye lawn mower, adios roof repairs and sayonara snow shovel!

The only problem, the beautiful furniture you’ve spent years accumulating doesn’t fit. You’re dining tables too long, the coffee table is too big and there’s no room for your dresser and chest in your new master suite (although the view may be great).

Not only do you have to work to get rid of all that furniture that is too big (our friends at Find Edmonton can help with that) but you’ve got to find new pieces that you love and that fit the new space. Prestige Solid Wood Furniture has the answer!

We work with some amazing furniture manufacturers that make Canadian made furniture using your custom furniture specifications!

Condo Size Sofas:

We work with an amazing custom sofa and sectional manufacturer that will build their most popular sofa designs down to the exact inch for your space. Plus, you choose the fabric, toss pillows, feet and so much more to make it yours! So if the space in your condo is small or oddly laid out finding the right sofa, sectional or chair for the space is easy.

If its a sectional that will suit the space (yes, they come in some great small scale sizes) then work with one of our sectional planners to pick the right pieces and create a laid out designed for your space.

Condo Size Dining Table or Tables with Leaves:

It all starts with your style. Find a small round dining table that you love or maybe it rustic farmhouse table that catches your eye, we’ll build it in a size that works for your space. You can add extensions and table leaves to ensure your ready to entertain. Many options even have self storing leaves so you needn’t worry about finding closet space from them.

Condo Sized Bedroom Furniture:

While many new condos are designed with a king bed in mind, there are many that aren’t or don’t give you any leftover space for night stands, a dresser or any additional storage. You can look at options like under bed drawers,  which is a great use of space and available on many of our bed designs, or look at building a dresser taller and narrower to utilize height rather that width.

And of course, you pick the wood, finish and hardware on all our bedroom furniture to truly make it your own.

Let’s make down sizing fun, it’s an exciting time for you! Prestige Solid Wood Furniture will help you build the perfect condo sized furniture for you to enjoy for years to come!


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