Is Beeswax Good for Solid Wood Furniture

Is Beeswax Good for Solid Wood Furniture

Because of its easy availability, ease of application, all natural composition and ability to enhance the natural look of your solid wood furniture beeswax is a popular choice for finishing wood, but is Beeswax a good choice for solid wood furniture?

The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no as it comes down to what you want out of a finish and how much work you are willing to put in. 

Beeswax does have its advantages as a finishing product. It is all natural and has a pleasing scent rather than an acrid chemical odor. It gives a depth and warmth that accentuates the natural colors of the wood it is used on. Beeswax is relatively inexpensive and widely available and there are numerous DIY Options for making your own polishes should you have the interest. It can also be quite easy to apply, usually requiring only a clean rag and the polish. If you use food safe beeswax is can also make an excellent and safe polish for eating surfaces and even wooden dishes and utensils, but that is a complex subject beyond the scope of this article.

Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to using Beeswax. One of the main ones being that the finish it produces can be quite soft, offering little to no protection against scratches and needing to be reapplied regularly when it starts to wear down. It can also be difficult to remove as both sanding and solvents can cause the beeswax to penetrate deeper into the wood without the appearance benefits of a polish. Beeswax also repels most other stains and varnishes, so if it has sunk deep into the wood it can make pieces difficult to resurface.

The important thing about using Beeswax on your solid wood furniture is understanding whether beeswax is right for you. Does it have the look you want, do you need scratch resistance, are you concerned about using green products and avoiding chemicals, do you like the way it looks? Are you wanting to apply beeswax over another finish or as the only finish on the wood? Hopefully we’ve provided you with a good understanding of whether or not Beeswax is the right choice for you and your furniture needs.

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