Ruff Sawn Furniture Collection

Ruff Sawn Furniture offers a vast collection of maple dining, bedroom, and occasional furniture. They produce both traditional and modern furnishings, individually built by a community of skilled Canadian artisans. Ruff Sawn products are recognized for their solid wood, natural rustic finishing, clean lines, organic textures, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Prestige Solid Wood Furnishings is proud to be the primary dealer of Ruff Sawn Furniture in Western Canada.

Solid Wood Furniture Building Process

Firstly, wood is carefully selected and collected from local forests, then removed with care to cause as little harm as possible to the remaining forest. The wood is then sent to local mills, then seasoned and kiln-dried to produce stable, durable, and long-lasting wood.

Crafting solid wood furniture requires training, patience, and skill. Ruff Sawn Furniture supports generations of families who craft and value durable, authentic furniture. Many of the tools used are hand-built or restored tools from machinery auctions. They rely on traditional techniques combined with recent technologies to ensure that the furniture is crafted with the utmost care. The furniture is then finished individually, as well as hand-sanded and stained.

Each piece is a work of art that is carefully inspected before being sent to you.

Furniture Customization

Ruff Sawn Furniture offers a wide range of customization options to ensure the piece you’ve selected will be tailored to fit your home perfectly. They can adjust the size of the furniture, as well as the finish, material, and other variables.

Visit a Prestige Showroom near you or visit us online to learn more about Ruff Sawn Furniture and the endless possibilities available with this fantastic line of solid wood furniture! To check out our Ruff Sawn Furniture, click here.

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