Which Are Better: Leather or Fabric Sofas

Some people have a clear preference for either leather or fabric for a couch. Others don’t have a clear preference and spend a lot of time researching and debating whether one is better than the other.

Neither one is better than the other. Leather and fabric are different and have different pros and cons. Comparing leather to fabric is like comparing a hammer to a wrench.

Let’s take a look at their respective advantages and disadvantages.


Leather is usually more expensive than fabric, but there are a lot of variables. There are different grades and qualities of leather—and of fabric. And leather usually lasts longer, maybe even decades. So, you have to compare the upfront cost to the cost over time. Leather usually has a higher upfront cost, but not necessarily a higher cost over time.


Fabrics come in a virtually unlimited number of colors and color combinations. So, design definitely plays a role. You could argue that leather is more neutral and goes with everything. However, if you want a red and black striped couch as the focal point of a room, then you are unlikely to find that in leather. Also, leather often—but not always—has a more formal look. You typically see leather in high-end offices.


How leather feels against your skin varies with the room temperature and humidity. Leather can feel very warm if it’s in the sun and can feel very cold in a cold room. Fabric tends to feel cozier against bare skin, if you choose a soft fabric, that is. Some people don’t like the feel of leather against bare skin. This is really a personal preference.


If all things are equal, leather usually lasts longer. Leather tends to be more resistant to stains and is easier to clean because leather is not as permeable as fabric. However, fabrics can have coatings to prevent dirt or stains from penetrating.

The one area where fabric performs better is with pets. Cats can leave permanent punctures in leather with their claws, and all pets can scratch leather. Fabric tends to stay looking better longer if pets roughhouse and hang out on the couch, although it’s easier to remove pet hair from leather than fabric.

So, the conclusion is that both leather and fabric have their pros and cons for your individual home or office. You have to come and sit on some couches and decide for yourself what appeals most to you.

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