Pierrot zero gravity mattress

Trendy model from the Hotel Boutique style collection, its comfort attracts us like a magnet. Sleek design, low profile at 10 inches in height and semi-firm comfort. Combined with the ultimate experience of the ZERO GRAVITY sensation provided by our articulation technology integrated into the mattress, the Pierrot V19 Cooler offers you the ultimate in comfort that you have been looking for.

  • Harlequin’s exclusive technology offers you the only adjustable mattress that does not require a base to achieve perfect articulation.
  • A Bluetooth connection allows you to synchronize your devices such as smartphones and electronic tablets to take advantage of the range of articulation functions of your Harlequin adjustable mattress.
  • Calibrate your ZERO GRAVITY position unique to each sleeper, exclusive to Harlequin.
  • Calibrate your sleeping position unique to each sleeper whether side, back or stomach exclusive to Harlequin.
  • Handmade in Canada



Latex version

Comfort version Semi firm
Harlequin COOLER cover, exclusive to Harlequin. With its very high ability to wick away body moisture, its 540 grm polyethylene fiber composition exceeds the standards offered by the market. Touch the surface, you will feel a freshness that acts against temperature variations harmful to your sleep. A real revolution! This mattress keeps you at the optimal temperature of 98.6 degrees F at all times.


Reception surface The reception
surface layer is composed of combined raw materials of open cell and ventilated NANO LATEX Hybrid foam, with high efficiency in absorbing body perspiration and humidity. This attribute keeps you comfortable at all times thanks to the combination of levels of 100% natural mid-firm latex. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back, this surface acts as a true pressure stabilizer.


First suspension zone
The corrugated high resilience foam component helps to cushion the pressure exerted by your weight and harmonizes with the fluidity of the articulation, a Harlequin exclusive. Every part of your body is supported gently and without pressure.


core The core of the mattress is made from a single piece of High Resilience foam.

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