Sky sectional in sunbrella fabric

Frame – Powder Coated AluminumIf your part has been powder-coated, it will be highly resistant to wear and tear no matter what it’s used for. The coating is resistant to chipping, fading, scratching and wearing. This durability makes it well-suited for metal parts that come into contact with sunlight and other environmental factors

Foam – Outdoor quick dry FoamUnlike conventional foam, quick dry foam drains quickly allowing the cushions to dry fast even after being saturated while protecting it against mould growth. This is thanks to the open-cell structural makeup which allows water and air to easily pass through the material.

Cushions: Sunbrella Canvas Flanelle

The Benefits of Sunbrella Fabric
  • Fade resistant. This is one of the top two reasons to choose Sunbrella Fabric as it’s a solution dyed acrylic fabric which means that each string is coloured all the way through, and not only on the surface as other fabrics are. …
  • Water and Mould Resistant. …
  • Easy to Clean. …
  • Time Resistant

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